z-sequential cutting for sealing profiles with a metal or plastic carrier

A high availability of production systems requires standardized universal machinery with a proven track record.

High flexibility is paramount. Our quick-tool-change interface enables you to easily set up your system with the product-specific tools you need.

The ideal investment for the production of smaller batches: A system with sequential operations is less expensive, but it also has longer cycle times than z-transfer systems.

z-sequential cutting
The z-automation sequential concept for secondary processing lines is a standardized universal system and can be individually combined with a variety of optional modules: sawing, notching, cutting, milling, bending, suction.

Products are transported between processing steps in pairs (left and right part) on an NC-controlled workpiece shuttle equipped with easily exchangeable, product-specific holding fixtures. This means that the product stays clamped in place throughout the whole processing.

Length positioning for machining is carried out by highly precise NC axes. Measurements are entered into the parameter set of the product via the universal control system.

Typical cycle time
60 seconds for a product pair (left and right part).

We offer universal double saws which can be set at different angles and are used at any of the system’s work station.

Notching and cutting
Pneumatic or hydraulic notching tools, set up on the system's universal work station via the quick-tool-change interface. The control unit checks the home and operating positions.

Extruded parts often do not perfectly match the contours of the vehicle. z-automation has years of experience with automated bending processes.

Integrated suction unit
The importance of correctly configured and implemented suction modules for sawing and milling operations as well as their seamless integration into the control system is often underestimated. z-automation supplies you with a turnkey solution.

Maintenance and service
To guarantee a smooth operation for our customers, z-automation relies on proven systems, the use of commonly available parts, detailed operating and maintenance manuals as well as remote maintenance via online remote control.

Your benefits

  • Process capability
  • Tightest tolerances
  • Products displaying maximum optical quality
  • Minimum scrap rate
  • Flexible universal systems which can be set up with product specific tool sets

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