02/24/2023 z-automation and Pfaff unite their businesses

Hermann Eberle and Moritz Hummel are excited to share an important decision impacting the future together: „We are pleased to announce that z-automation and Pfaff have agreed to unite their businesses."

The newly formed company, Pfaff Automation GmbH, under the majority of Moritz Hummel, owner of Pfaff, and the minority by Hermann Eberle, previous owner of z-automation, will be located at the current z-automation location in Dornbirn, Austria.

Hermann Eberle will continue to lead Pfaff Automation GmbH together with Moritz Hummel.

The results of fusing two historically strong companies into one dynamic company opens the pathway to new innovations in terms of Industry 4.0 and automation for the automotive sealing industry. According to Hummel, „through this merger, we can provide customers with an even more complete product portfolio and jointly develop new solutions that will overcome today’s barriers to our customers fully automated production requirements and challenges. In addition, Eberle says, „we will experience that one plus one will be more than two."

For the future, we will be able to offer a "carefree package" that our customers desire for notching, automation, and corner molding. With our combined core competencies paired with our geographic proximity from Dornbirn to Röthenbach, it’s a win/win solution for our customers.

Pfaff and Pfaff Automation GmbH will continue to operate professionally with exceptional products and service as traditionally expected by our customers.

We look forward to developing new and exciting projects together with you.

With best regards,
Hermann Eberle and Moritz Hummel

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